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The K2 series represents a shift away from inflexible, fixed and often basic modes of operation for vehicle speed detection systems. The OEM has in the past had little room to manoeuvre with even the smallest of interfacing tasks or slight changes in operation requiring additional hardware or new firmware to create a workable solution. The cost of this exercise is not only measured in the time and effort involved (assuming you can get your vendor to agree to such changes) but the additional financial burden that can often turn profitable contracts into nightmares.

Our response to this very common and fluid scenario is the K2 series, these devices offer complete OEM configurability with flexible hardware configurations combined with user definable applications. We provide the elegant software tool Kestrel Workbench which allows every aspect of how the radar and overall system behaves in response to detection. The OEM integrator is for the first time able to define the actual application running on the radar platform.

The K2 series is a concept that we have spent many years researching and developing in order to overcome all the traditional barriers to flexibility (fixed function hardware and limited modes of operation). This has even forced us to push the boundaries from what we learnt developing our K1 series to this new completely radical methodology – the virtual machine.

This innovation in radar technology effectively frees the product from the vendor imposed limitations and instead offers our customers a whole new world of possibilities that were previously inconceivable, their own bespoke solutions.

The move to the virtual machine methodology brought with it a unique set of challenges, mainly that we needed a mechanism to allow the user to develop their own applications easily.  We already had an application for our K1 series radars, but early on in the development process we felt that we would be “shoehorning” functionality into an already complex application which was never intended to have such features.

We took the decision to build a new software application from the ground up, with a modern interface and built on technology that ensured that it could be maintained effectively and more importantly was future proof, the result of this is Kestrel Workbench.

Key Features

Learn how Kestrel Workbench sets itself apart from other software solutions.

Component Based Software

Kestrel Workbench uses a modern component based design, this means that the application is not a single entity but is instead built from interlocking modules which have a common interface.  This has a number of design advantages:

  • Easy to add or remove software features.
  • Installer template included
  • Future Proof Architecture
  • Allows custom features to be developed
  • Future SDK will allow OEMs to produce their own custom software features

Integrated Development Environment

Develop and test radar applications in a single software tool.  Kestrel Workbench includes a full editor and compiler for applications and a simulation environment that allows the application to be developed and tested independently of any hardware.

  • Full application development environment
  • Project based applications
  • Full simulation environment
  • Develop applications before physical hardware is available
  • Modifications to functionality can be achieved by simply updating or replacing the OEM application.

Graph Generation and Reports

Kestrel Workbench can import data from radars and produce reports and charts from datasets with ease.

  • Create PDF reports with charts inside the software
  • Comprehensive report options allow you to visualise important data
  • Excel support means that data & charts can be saved as an Excel workbook which allows further analysis or inclusion into Word and Powerpoint documents.
  • Components are used to provide reporting and this allows the reporting to be further customised and allows for additional report types to be added

Other Features

  • Corporate Branding allows you to fully integrate Kestrel Workbench into your product line and company image
  • Device configuration is quick, intuitive and easy.
  • Multi-Language support for OEM applications is built into the K2 and Kestrel Workbench software as standard. Additionally we are able to work with OEMs to add translations into the Workbench software itself.
  • Plus many more features
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