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Vehicle Detection

k2 250

The K2 Pico FlexAR Radar Family are the worlds lowest powered and highest performance radars. The K2 Pico radars offer a low cost solution or Vehicle Speed detection, low speed freight movement applications, high speed detection in motor sport applications, conveyor monitoring for factory automation as well as street lighting and security application. The K2 Pico Flex radars are the worlds only user programability devices. The script language control gives access to all radar features and access to all K2 IO and communications devices making them the worlds most flexible devices and extend applications to almost any area requiring speed  or motion sensing.

Input/Ouput Modules


The K2 FlexAR IO range offer LED drivers for 7 segment display, High current LED driver for large static sign display and a module with OPTO isolated MOSFET for AC/DC switching applications. The devices offer complete system flexibility and with our plug and play architecture allows integration at any stage of product development from prototype to in-field upgrades.

Communication Modules

Modem B 250

The communications devices include Bluetooth, GPRS Modem, ZigBee and GPS modules. This gives complete flexibility in system design whether your system requires short range wireless connectivity or remote access over the telephone network and the inclusion of GPS allows location information to be stored on data logs. The entire family of communication peripherals is designed for ultra high performance with absolute minimal power consumption.

LED Speed Signs

Slow Down LowR

We are now able to offer of the shelf LED Sign kits with 2 or 2+1/2 digit 30cm speed signs as well a Slow Down LED sign. The digit sign allows direct plug and play architecture for all our K2 FlexAR family of modules. The sign is compatible our K2 Pico Radar in 100m or 200m ranges as well as the K2 Pico LED driver and any of our communication or IO peripheral modules.

K1 Legacy Products


The K1 series radar products offer devices in three distance ranges and all are available with optional data logging capabilities. The series also includes the K1 LED driver, K1 IO devices and the K1 GPRS Modem. The radar products use DSP techniques to achieve high performance for detection.  All devices have a USB peripheral interface, RS232 interface and onboard relay for signalling as standard and logging radars have a 2GB SD card supplied as standard for data storage. These devices offer the best in class performance against all major competitive products.

Custom Solutions


Kestrel Radar Sensors are a collaborative company and we are engaged with many of our customers in the development of bespoke and customised solutions. With many decades of experience in a wide variety of industries we can engage and offer solutions where other vendors will not get involved. There is no other supplier more willing to take part in this process than ourselves.

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